Inspired by the history of the Caribbean Rum trade, this 1/2″ engineered wood floor reflects the wood floor planks used in shipping, decking, storage lofts, and the flooring planks used in church’s, houses, taverns and shipping containers used in the 1600 and 1700’s throughout the Cays, Keys, and Caribbean Islands. This utility wood was durable and makes the perfect wood flooring for budget driven projects, that require a high-end “look”. This 5″ wood plank floor works in any space- commercial or residential and adds an amazing look of time-tested wood.

Whatever wood you decide to purchase it is important to look after it, giving it protection coatings and making sure that nothing that you place on top of the wood is causing any damage to the surface. Having wooden materials in your house also makes you more likely to have bug infestations like termites, without proper care and consideration. For this, you need to ensure that you have looked for something like ‘termite control near me‘ to make sure that you are constantly protecting the gorgeous wood finishes within your home.

Material Available in: 5

Deep Moon Raker

Harbor Gray

Top Mast Brown

Natural Sky Sail

Spinnaker Brown

Boat Brown

Hall Yard Brown

Meridian Brown