Urban Wire-brushed White Oak Flooring offers a very distinctive look for your room, and durability that’s unmatched. Our 9” engineered wide planks are manufactured from select cut forests, and then cut, sanded, stained and treated before its installed in your home or business. Made of 7-ply cross directional hardwood substrate, this 9/16″ thick material with 4mm solid veneer wear layer, could be the single most dimensionally stable hardwood floor on the US market. Incorporating wire-brushed, reclaimed textured wood, this wide plank floor incorporates an exclusive UV-oil color penetration base coat, Danish-style hard wax oil-matte top coat and an easy-to-care-for renewable service finish. These luxury 8′ foot long plank premium floors enhance visual design and perform in both commercial and residential environments. Extensive historical research of homes and work places throughout Europe resulted in these 8 historically accurate colors.


Material Available In: 9”

Brick Brown

Harbor Gray

Market Square

Mill Brown

Railroad Brown


Please note that our line of Wire-brushed White Oak is not available for use in the Design It Yourself tool, as it is pre-stained and finished.